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Why A House Is Not A Home Without A German Shepherd

A house is not a home without a German Shepherd, Yes! That’s right. German Shepherds make great companions to their owners and families.  German Shepherds are not only obedient and intelligent, but they also make sure they keep the home entertaining and protected.

Why is a house not a home without a German Shepherd? Continue reading to find out.

Why A House Is Not A Home Without A German Shepherd

German Shepherds have a lot of characteristics that make them the ideal home dog breed. Here are some of the reasons why a house will not feel like home if there is no German Shepherd in it.

  • German Shepherds are very intelligent breeds.
  • German Shepherds are healthy dog breeds.
  • German Shepherds are calm and caring. 
  • German Shepherds easily adapt to new conditions 
  • German Shepherds are active
  • German Shepherds are respectful and devoted to their families
  • German Shepherds are loyal 
  • German Shepherds are highly protective of their family
  • German Shepherds love children
  • German Shepherds are friendly to other pets
  • Exercising a German Shepherd will keep you healthy too

German Shepherds Are Very Intelligent Breeds

German Shepherds are intelligent breeds that can be easily trained to be whatever you want them to be. They are ranked as one of the top 3 most intelligent dog breeds. They can learn new behaviors, tricks, and commands after a few repeats.

German Shepherds Are Healthy Dog Breeds

German Shepherds that are bred under good conditions always thrive well and are very resistant to diseases. If you have a German Shepherd, you do not have to worry about it falling sick all the time because it is a naturally healthy dog breed. German Shepherds are generally low maintenance when it comes to healthcare.

German Shepherds Are Calm And Caring 

German Shepherds are usually calm and caring towards their families. They are emotional dogs and can sense the emotions of their owner. They also provide comfort when they sense that their owners are not happy and make sure that they don’t feel lonely.

German Shepherds Easily Adapt To New Conditions 

German Shepherds adapt easily to new environments and new ways of living. You do not have to be worried about your German Shepherd’s ability to adjust to your terms, as it can easily adjust to your preferred lifestyle.

German Shepherds Are Super Active

German shepherds are very active and high-energy dog breeds. They make good playmates for children and will not tire easily.

German Shepherds Are Respectful And Devoted To Their Families

German Shepherds are respectful and show deep love and affection towards their families. This trait makes them easy to train and mold into whatever their owners want. They are easily controlled by giving commands.

German Shepherds Are Loyal 

German Shepherds are known for their high level of loyalty and obedience to their owners and the family as a whole. They always want to please their owners and will make sure they do almost everything they can to achieve that.

German Shepherds Are Highly Protective Of Their Family

German shepherds are very protective of their families and will always make sure that they are safe from any attack or harm. If you have a German Shepherd, you can always be sure that your children are in safe hands. German Shepherds are great guard dogs.

German Shepherds Love Children

German Shepherds are caring and love playing with children, especially when they are introduced into the family early and are given adequate training and socialization skills. A German Shepherd will regularly interact with the children and spend a lot of time with them.

German Shepherds Are Friendly To Other Pets

If your German Shepherd is socialized well from a very young age, it will relate with other dogs and animals in a friendly manner. This will keep the house free from fights and destruction that can arise from animals fighting.

Exercising With A German Shepherd Will Keep You Healthy Too

German Shepherds are expected to get at least two hours of exercise every day because of their high energy levels. This means that you will also be getting exercised as you walk them and partake in other activities which will help keep you fit and healthy. 

Why A House Is Not A Home Without A German Shepherd: Conclusion 

A German Shepherd is a great addition to a house and will transform it into a home with so much love, fun, and excitement. To get the best out of your German Shepherd, make sure it is intriguing to the family at a young age so that it can grow and be integrated into the family.

However, when getting a German Shepherd for your home, make sure it is gotten from a reputable source to prevent any undesirable behavior and health problems.


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