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Are German Shepherds Good Hiking Dogs? Why You Should Consider Them For Your Trip

You might remember the saying that dogs are man’s best friends and start thinking about whether to go on your next hiking trip with your German Shepherd for companionship and protection. 

Then uncertainty starts creeping in, and you start wondering whether your German Shepherd will be up to the task. Please do not fret about it because we have the answers to your uncertainty. 

Are German Shepherds good hiking dogs? Do they enjoy hiking or just see it as work they need to do? Keep reading to find out.

Are German Shepherds Good Hiking Dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds are good hiking dogs. They can walk long distances because it provides a means to satisfy their need for activity. German Shepherds enjoy physical activities as it excites them and makes them happy.

German Shepherds have a sturdy and muscular build that enables them to adapt quickly to long, smooth, crooked hiking trails after they get proper trail training.

They are also intelligent and highly motivated breeds that are easy to train. They can learn all the necessary basics, skills, and tricks quickly and use their initiative when making decisions in difficult situations.

German Shepherds do not only provide you with companionship, they also protect you and make sure you are safe from any form of danger or attack from people or wildlife if you are in the woods.

Do German Shepherds like to go for walks?

Yes, German Shepherds like to go for walks and enjoy it. They see it as a means to bond with their owner and also as an expression of love and affection. 

Taking your German Shepherd for walks will also help it maintain a healthy weight, burn down excess energy and keep it happy. 

Do German Shepherds do well off-leash?

Yes, German Shepherds do well off-leash. This is because they are very loyal to their owners and always want to be close and involved in their lives.

German Shepherds are intelligent and easily trained to follow directions and obey commands. They also have a low tendency to run away from their owners.

Do German Shepherds make good outdoor dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds make good outdoor dogs. They love to have enough space to run around and play in to burn their excess energy. German Shepherds are also double-coated breeds that can withstand some unfavorable weather conditions.

However, if you are keeping your German Shepherd outside all day, ensure you provide it with very comfortable housing and check it regularly for any signs of distress or irritation.

Also, in icy weather conditions, ensure your German Shepherd is kept in a robust weatherproof house to ensure that it is safe and warm.

How much walking is enough for a German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd should have at least 45 minutes to 1-hour of walking time daily. Walking is an exercise that helps to check excessive fat buildup in dogs and also prevents boredom or frustration.

Can a German Shepherd climb a fence?

Yes, a German Shepherd can easily climb a fence of around 4 to 6 feet. A professionally trained German Shepherd can jump a wall up to 10 feet tall.

How long can German Shepherds be outside?

A German Shepherd can spend its whole day outside if it sleeps there and is provided with nice and comfortable housing.

On the other hand, German Shepherds that are kept indoors should not be made to spend more than 50 percent of their time outside. 

Who are German Shepherds best for?

German Shepherds are best for families. This is because they are courageous, caring, loyal, and intelligent dog breeds that provide you with both entertainment and protection. You will never feel lonely if you have a German Shepherd.

And if you’re starting to get worried about your GSD’s dirty ears, you may want to read this post on cleaning the ears of German Shepherds.

What weather can German Shepherds handle?

German Shepherds can handle hot and cold weather conditions to a reasonable degree.

Some German Shepherds love to play in the snow, and you can allow them to play for about thirty minutes and bring them back in.

When exposed to temperatures below 20°F (-7°C), German Shepherds are at risk of being affected by frostbite or hypothermia. You can provide them with winter coats and boots, depending on how cold the weather is to keep them warm.

German Shepherds can handle heat levels of about (30°C/86°F). However, exposing the dog to a body temperature rise of about 103°F (39.4°C) can cause heat stroke, while higher body temperatures ranging from 107°F (41.7°C) to 109°F (42.8°C) can cause organ failure and death.

Do German Shepherds like to be outside?

Yes, German Shepherds like to be outside. This is because they are high-energy dogs that need lots of playtime and exercise to burn their energy.

Why do German Shepherds walk between your legs?

Your German Shepherd will walk between your legs because of the following reasons;

  • To greet you 
  • They are being protective 
  • Fear or anxiety 
  • Need for safety and comfort 
  • Lack of confidence 
  • Excitement 
  • Defense
  • It is suffering from separation anxiety 
  • Marking its territory, especially when other dogs are around 

What weather do German Shepherds prefer?

German Shepherds prefer weather condition that is neither too hot nor too cold. They thrive well in temperature ranges between 50° and 80°F (10° to 27°C). The required humidity level you should maintain indoors should be between 30% and 70%.

Are German Shepherds Good Hiking Dogs?: Conclusion 

Taking your German Shepherd when you go hiking will be a very exciting and adventurous outdoor experience if it receives adequate training before the trip.

Your German Shepherd will make a great hiking companion, so do not hesitate to take it along whenever and wherever you go hiking. 

Depending on how long your hiking trip will take, ensure you have enough supplies and a first aid kit for you and your dog. It would be best if you made sure that both of you were safe and healthy.



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