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Are German Shepherds Destructive? Yes or No

A very important factor to consider when getting a dog is its tendency to get destructive. No one wants to leave the house and come back to a disorganized house after a long day.

German Shepherds are great family dogs but do they have some bad traits to them? This leads us to the question, Are German Shepherds destructive? Continue reading to figure it out.

Are German Shepherds Destructive?

Yes, German Shepherds have highly destructive tendencies when their needs for activities aren’t met. This is because German Shepherds are high-energy breeds that require lots of playtime and exercise to burn out this excess energy. 

Providing a German Shepherd with work and other activities will keep it distracted and prevent it from boredom which can lead to it being destructive.

Are German Shepherds Big Chewers?

Yes, German Shepherds are big chewers. This is the same for many other large dog breeds. 

What Behavior Issues Do German Shepherds Have?

German Shepherds, when bored and not properly trained and socialized, tend to develop some undesirable behaviors, they include;

  • Jumping
  • Destructiveness
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Hyperactivity
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excess barking and whining
  • Mouthiness 
  • Dominance 
  • Defensive aggression

Why Do German Shepherds Destroy Toys?

German Shepherds destroy toys and other things because of different reasons. They include;

  • Boredom
  • Fear or anxiety 
  • Genetics
  • Looking for attention 
  • Lack of training 
  • Teething 
  • Lack of exercise 
  • Natural predatory instincts

How Do You Discipline A German Shepherd?

To discipline a German Shepherd, you can adopt one or more of the following practices;

  • Distract it from engaging in bad behaviors by providing it with toys and entertainment.
  • Correct bad behaviors using positive reinforcement training methods.
  • Reward it for good conduct
  • Engage it in activities to prevent bad behaviors resulting from boredom
  • Ignore its attention-seeking behavior to help overcome it.

Do German Shepherds Get Violent?

Yes, German Shepherds can get violent when protecting themselves and their families from harm. This is usually called defense aggression.

Are German Shepherds Mischievous?

Yes, German Shepherds are mischievous breeds. Their love for being active and having something to do makes them require adequate playtime and exercise daily. Denying them these activities will make them get into one mischief or another.

At What Age Do German Shepherds Stop Chewing?

German Shepherds are meant to stop chewing and nipping when they are around 6 months old. However, if they are up to 9 months and this behavior persists, take them to see the vet or engage them in training to stop the chewing.

What do I do with my German Shepherd while at work?

While at work, you should ensure that your German Shepherd is occupied with activities to prevent it from engaging in destructive activities due to boredom. You can do this in any of the following ways;

  • Provide it with adequate play toys.
  • Enroll it in a dog daycare with trained staff and good toys 
  • Invite a friend to play with it or take it out for a walk

Which Is Stronger: A Pitbull Or A German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd is stronger than a Pitbull, and it has both height and weight advantages, plus a stronger bite force. While a German Shepherd has a bite force of 238 PSI, Pitbull has a bite force of 235 PSI.

However, since Pitbulls are trained to fight, they are capable of beating a German Shepherd in a fight.

What Age Are German Shepherds Most Aggressive?

German Shepherds are most aggressive when they are in their adolescent stage, this is usually when they are around 6 months to two years old.

Are German Shepherds More Aggressive Than Pit bulls?

No, German Shepherds are not as aggressive as Pit bulls. Studies have shown that Pit bulls tend to attack humans at a higher level than many other breeds, as pit bulls are bred to be fighting dogs.

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train?

Yes, German Shepherds are easy to train. They are known for their high intelligence and obedience, making them perform excellently in commands, tasks, and obedience training.

Are German Shepherds Safe Family Dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds are safe family dogs, especially when they are well-trained and socialized. Their intelligent, loyal, loving, and protective nature makes them ideal for families and kids.

Should I Punish My Dog For Destroying Things?

No, you should never punish your dog for correcting bad behavior. Instead, use positive reinforcement training methods to correct it. Physical punishment will only make your dog more aggressive.

What Percentage Of German Shepherds Are Aggressive?

Studies have revealed that male German Shepherds are more aggressive than their female counterparts.

What Happens If A German Shepherd Bites?

The bite of a German Shepherd is strong enough to break a human’s bones and cause hemorrhaging, tissue damage, lacerations, scarring, and disfigurement. 

Do Dogs Think They Are Killing Their Toys?

No, dogs are very much aware that their toys are not alive. However, the reason why they destroy them is that these toys are similar to a live animal which triggers their predatory instincts.

Why Does My German Shepherd Steal My Stuff?

Your German Shepherd might be stealing your stuff because it is bored and wants attention, it has a poor upbringing, or because of its instinct if it is bred for hunting and retrieving.

Why Does My German Shepherd Puppy Bite Everything?

There are different reasons why your German Shepherd puppy might be biting everything. They include;

  • It is in its teething stage 
  • Boredom 
  • Anxiety or Nervousness
  • Looking for attention 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Overstimulation 
  • Poor breeding habits and environmental conditions 
  • Natural predatory instincts

What Can I Give My Dog That Destroys Everything?

The best things to give a destructive dog play toys. These toys will keep it busy and distracted from its surroundings.

How Do You Stop A German Shepherd From Chewing On Furniture?

You can stop a German Shepherd from chewing on furniture by adopting the following measures;

  • Train it to obey anti-chewing commands using positive reinforcement techniques 
  • Provide it with chew toys
  • Make sure it is well exercised
  • Do not give old personal belongings as chew toys
  • Use safe chewing deterrents.
  • Keep your dog occupied to prevent boredom 
  • Provide it with adequate nutrition.

Are German Shepherds Destructive: Conclusion 

Now that you’ve learned that German Shepherds tend to get destructive when they are bored or not properly trained, you are required to make sure that you get them occupied whenever you are not chanced to interact with them and also train them properly from a young age.

German Shepherds are exceptional family dogs that exhibit the best character when provided with enough activities to keep them busy and adequate training and socialization.


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