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What Are The Best Toys For German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are known to be intelligent and high-energy dogs. They love to live a fun and happy life; when they don’t get it, they become destructive.

This is why they should be provided with durable toys that will withstand their aggressiveness and keep them entertained and distracted from all other activities. What are the best toys for German Shepherds? You will find out as you keep reading.

What Are The Best Toys For German Shepherds?

There are different types of toys that German Shepherds love for different purposes. They include;

  • Treat dispensers 
  • Training toys
  • Interactive toys 
  • Comfort toys 
  • Self-amusement toys 

Treat Dispensers

These are toys that are usually stuffed with small treats that the dog can use either its mouth or paws to take out. They serve as a great distraction, especially when you won’t be around. A good example is the Buster cube.

Training Toys

These are toys used majorly to train the dog and control undesirable behaviors. Examples are chewy toys to prevent destructive chewing behaviors and puzzle toys to aid mental stimulation.

Interactive Toys 

These are toys that require your engagement. Dogs cannot play with these toys on their own. They include fetching toys like balls and frisbees and tug-of-war ropes.

Comfort Toys

Comfort toys make dogs feel relaxed and comfortable. Most of the time, a dog will snuggle up with its comfort toy to ease it from distress and anxiety. Comfort toys for a fig can be soft stuffed toys or even its owner’s old clothes.

Self Amusement Toys 

These toys are provided to keep the dog excited and have fun all by themselves. They are usually toys that will spark up amusement in the dog and keep it distracted from all other things. Examples are squeaky toys.

What Do German Shepherds Love To Play With?

Apart from playing with their owners, German Shepherds love to play with toys and other animals that they are well familiar with and socialized with.

What Makes German Shepherds Happy?

Love, attention and consistent playtime with their owners make German Shepherds happy. Providing them with treats and toys will also keep them happy and excited. 

How Do You Occupy A German Shepherd While At Work?

Leaving a dog at home all by itself can create an avenue for it to get destructive. Hence, you need to engage it with activities and keep it occupied in any of the following ways;

  • Provide it with enough treats and amusing toys 
  • Organize a playdate with its dog friends
  • Enroll it in a dog daycare with well-trained staff and good toys
  • Invite a friend over to play with it or take it out for a walk.
  • Give it access to the yard to play and exercise 

What Do German Shepherds Like To Chew On?

German Shepherds will chew on whatever they can get their mouth on when they are bored or teething, and they can chew on furniture, clothes, socks, and other things. This is usually called destructive chewing.

To correct this destructive behavior, provide your dog with a proper chewy toy, ideally one made out of rubber.

How Do I Know If My German Shepherd Is Bored?

If you want to know if your German Shepherd is bored, here are some visible signs to look out for : 

  • Digging 
  • Chewing 
  • Scratching
  • Panting 
  • Pacing
  • Restlessness 
  • Anxiety 
  • Being destructive 
  • Barking or whining 
  • Following you around 
  • Tail chasing
  • Acting lazy or disinterested 

Note that these behaviors are usually shown in excess when it is bored.

Do German Shepherds Love To Play?

Yes, German Shepherds love to play. They are high-energy dogs that play a lot to burn down their excess energy and achieve a healthy physical and mental balance. 

German shepherds are velcro dogs that are usually obsessed with their owners and never want them out of their sight, making playtime the highlight of their day. 

Do German Shepherds Pick A Favorite Person?

Yes, German Shepherds usually pick a favorite person from everyone around them. This is usually the person who spends the most time with them, gives them food, treats, and toys, and shows them lots of love and affection.

How Do You Keep A German Shepherd Mentally Stimulated?

You can keep a German Shepherd mentally stimulated and enrich its livelihood in so many ways. They include;

  • Exercising
  • Running errands with it
  • Playing interactive games with it 
  • Introducing it to new people, things, and the environment 
  • Making it sniff and explore during walks or hikes 
  • Teaching it new tricks
  • Providing it with puzzle toys and treats dispensers 
  • Replacing old toys with new ones
  • Provide it with opportunities to satisfy its instincts
  • Making it spend time outdoors 

Do German Shepherds Get Bored Easily?

Yes, German Shepherds get bored easily and should not be left all by themselves for more than eight hours a day. You can keep your German Shepherd busy and excited by providing it with toys, playing with it, or engaging it in exercise.

Do German Shepherds Like Hugs?

Yes, German Shepherds like hugs. They are clingy and love any activity that will bring them closer to their owners. Hugging a German Shepherd will make it feel loved and cared for.

What Is The Toughest Toy For A Dog?

The toughest toy for a dog is one made out of hard rubber. This will last longer than those made of other materials like plastic or fabric.

What Are Dogs’ Most Favorite Toys?

The toys that dogs like the most are those that move, make sounds or taste good. They usually fall under the fetch, squeaky, and chewy toy types.

What Color Does A Dog See?

The colors that dogs see best are yellow, blue, and grey. You should therefore consider this when choosing a toy for your dog.

What Is The Best Chew Toy For A German Shepherd?

The best chew toy for a German Shepherd is one made from hard rubber. This is because they are strong and durable enough to withstand aggressive chewing.

Are German Shepherds Big Chewers?

Yes, German Shepherds are big chewers, and this is because they are large dog breeds. You should therefore provide them with chew toys that are durable, good for the teeth, and can withstand intense chewing. Otherwise, they will keep damaging, and you will end up spending a lot on toys.

Why Do German Shepherds Shake Their Toys?

German Shepherds shaking their toys is an instinct passed down from their wild ancestors. It is a hunting behavior that shows what animals do to their prey, grab it in their mouths and shake it aggressively till it dies.

Why Do German Shepherds Love Squeaky Toys?

German Shepherds love squeaky toys because their squeaking sound resembles that of a scared or injured live animal, which triggers and appeases their hunting, capturing, and killing instincts.

The Best Toys For German Shepherds: Conclusion 

Toys of different types and functions are essential for every German Shepherd breeder. There are times when you won’t be able to play with your dogs and need something to keep them busy, and this is where your toys come into play.

Toys do not only serve as a distraction for your German Shepherd when you are away. They also function as means for exercising, burning excess energy, and curbing unpleasant and destructive behaviors.


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