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Why does my German Shepherd Stare at me? Should I be Worried or not?

Dogs may stare at us for a variety of causes. However, they spend the majority of their time either interacting with us or waiting for us to do so.

You can learn to distinguish between them with a little research and careful study. However, you can teach your canine other communication techniques that aren’t quite as perplexing as staring.

Why does my German Shepherd Stare at me?

If you have been wondering why your German Shepherd stares at you always, we are here to tell you that there are so many reasons for that and there is no straightforward, universal answer. However, we have gathered some of these reasons so you can be aware of them. They include;

  • It needs your attention
  • It needs your help
  • It is expecting some activities 
  • It is trying to communicate with you 
  • It is trying to manipulate you 
  • It is scared 
  • It is trying to show you love
  • It is trying to read your emotions
  • It has done something wrong 
  • It needs to go to the bathroom 
  • It is confused or curious about something 

It Needs Your Attention

Dogs can create cause-and-effect relationships whenever short-term predictable patterns take place. Your dog may have learned that staring at you gets attention if you have been paying him attention whenever you find him doing so. It might also do this to get hugs and cuddles.

It Needs your Help

Your German Shepherd may be attempting to communicate with you if they are only staring at you and not moving its body or mouth in any other way. They may be asking for something from you, asking you to get something for them, or both. This is particularly true if your German Shepherd frequently looks away—toward a toy or the entrance, for example—before turning their attention back to you.

It is Trying to Communicate with You 

German Shepherds have other methods of communicating with us because, like all dogs, they cannot speak our language. Making straight eye contact is one of them. The eyes are not only a window into a dog’s spirit, but they also play a significant part in dog communication. A dog’s irises can convey a lot, despite how subtly they may appear to us, humans. In most cases, there’s usually nothing to fret about because it’s a typical aspect of body language and communication.

It is Trying to Manipulate You 

It may be staring in the hopes of getting what it wants by making you give it what it wants. Dogs often give you strange looks while you are eating because of this. If you have previously given it something it desires, it will be especially much more likely to use this type of approach.

It is Threatening You

German Shepherds may be telling you to “back off” if they are glaring at you directly and doing so while exhibiting tense facial muscles, steely eyes, or low vocalizations like growling. Your German Shepherd is signaling to you to leave by using this subtly threatening body language because you are upsetting them, they are scared or anxious, or they are trying to protect something.

It is Trying to Show you Love

Oxytocin, a hormone that fosters social bonding, was found to rise in both the owner and the dog in a 2015 research when people and their dogs looked into each other’s eyes. This might be the cause of your German Shepherd’s propensity to fixate on you.

It is Trying to Read your Emotions

German Shepherds are exceptionally good at reading your mood and can tell whether you’re joyful or sad. Therefore, if you’re having a bad day, your dog will notice and want to show you some affection.

It has Done Something Wrong 

It could be staring because it did something you don’t like and it’s watching to see how you’ll respond.

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It Needs to Go to the Bathroom

Your German shepherd will stare at you if it needs to go to the bathroom and require you to open the door for it to get out.

It is Confused or Curious about Something 

After a significant change in appearance or shortly after being adopted, your German Shepherd may be merely curious if he continues staring at you. Dogs use their vision as a means of exploration, just like people do. A dog will frequently become fixated on one thing because he is inquisitive about it.

How Do I Get My German Shepherd To Stop Staring At Me?

Your dog starting at you always might be uncomfortable or awkward sometimes hence the need to stop or control it. You can do this by taking up the following measures;

  • Ignore it when it stares
  • Do not stare back at it
  • Reward it when it doesn’t stare
  • Give it enough time and attention 
  • Make it get enough exercise 
  • Give it adequate training 


Finally, it’s crucial to understand that staring is not an unusual behavior for any breed of dog. Every dog will occasionally look your way, and this does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem. If this activity is taking place in your house, remember this and make an effort not to get upset.


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