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Are German Shepherds Mouthy? Is It A Healthy Habit?

Some dog breeds are classified as mouthy breeds, and this is because they always want to chew or put almost everything they see in their mouth, including your hands and clothes.

Are German Shepherds considered mouthy breeds? This article will give you everything you need to know about German Shepherds and their mouthing behavior.

Are German Shepherds Mouthy?

Yes, German Shepherds belong to the mouthy breed. German Shepherds originally had a herding background which makes them strongly require using their teeth. They also get aroused and excited easily, making them want to mouth your hand.

Are German Shepherds more likely to bite?

Yes, German Shepherds are more likely to bite when threatened or attacked. However, this is a natural defense mechanism that all dog breeds possess.

Why does my German Shepherd mouth my hand?

Your German Shepherd will mouth your hand as a result of the following 

  • The teething period in puppies.
  • German Shepherds mouth your hand to initiate playtime. 
  • They can also mouth your hand when they are excited.

Why are German Shepherds so vocal?

German Shepherds are vocal because of their herding background. They were initially raised to guard other animals and livestock like sheep, and this work requires vocalization.

How do I stop my German Shepherd from mouthing?

You can stop your German Shepherd from mouthing by doing the following;

  • Train it with the appropriate measures
  • Provide it with chew toys 
  • Reward it with treats whenever it listens to your commands 
  • Avoid it if it gets mouthy
  • Do not teach your dog to mouth you
  • Make sure it gets adequate food, rest, and exercise 

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Do dogs grow out of mouthing?

Yes, dogs grow out of mouthing. Most puppies grow out of mouthing when they complete their teething period. 

Why do German Shepherds bite so much?

The reasons why German Shepherds bite so much are as follows;

  • Instincts due to herding nature.
  • Bad temperament 
  • Poor breeding environment 

What Age Do German Shepherds Stop Nipping?

German Shepherds stop nipping when they are over their teething period. This usually takes around 7 to 8 months.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Mouths Your Hand?

Most dog breeds, especially young ones, will mouth your hand when teething or to communicate their need for play and attention. This habit usually continues into adulthood and can also indicate that your dog is trying to show dominance.

Do Dogs Show Affection By Mouthing?

Yes, dogs show affection by mouthing. This type is usually soft, gentle, or excited and can be complemented with the tail wagging. 

However, you should be able to differentiate between the mouthing that shows affection and the one that precedes aggression.

Are German Shepherds Mouthy?: Conclusion 

Getting a German Shepherd will require you to tolerate mouthing to some extent. This is because they belong to mouthy breeds and always want your hands or clothes in their mouths every time. 

German Shepherds are clingy dog breeds, they want to play and enjoy immense love and attention almost every time, and one of the ways in which they communicate these needs to you is by mouthing you.

While this is normal behavior, it should not be allowed every time as it can get overly intense. Therefore, we have provided you with easy methods to adopt to reduce the extent of your German Shepherd’s excessive mouthing.



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