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How Far Can German Shepherds Hear?

German Shepherds are great guards and hunting dogs. This is because they have a very strong sense of hearing. Their superb and exceptional hearing makes them capable of perceiving very loud, low, and long-distance sounds. 

How far can German Shepherds hear? Read on to find out amazing facts about German Shepherds.

How Far Can German Shepherds Hear?

A German Shepherd can hear sounds up to 100km away. Their hearing has a higher frequency than humans and is about 7 times greater, meaning they can hear sounds very long distances.

Do German Shepherds Have Good hearing?

Yes, German Shepherds have good hearing, which is about seven times greater than that of humans. This means that they can hear high-pitched and low or distant sounds that the human ears cannot pick, which makes them very alert.

Do German Shepherds Listen To Their Owners?

Yes, German shepherds listen to their owners. They are obedient and good listeners, which makes them very easy to train.

However, a German Shepherd might sometimes be in pain, injured, distracted, or just want to be unruly and choose not to answer its owner. To control this, provide it with treats and training that teaches it to focus and obey commands.

What Dog Breed Has The Strongest Hearing?

The dog breed with the best hearing is the Labrador Retriever. It was originally bred to find and recover hidden treasures and downed birds. It can also detect faint rustles in the underbrush, a flock of birds taking flight, and whitetail deer on the trail.

Do German Shepherds Have Hearing Problems?

Yes, German Shepherds are one of the dog breeds that are highly genetically susceptible to deafness and other hearing problems. These problems are usually caused by various reasons, including;

  • Degenerative nerve damage in old dogs 
  • Anatomical disorders 
  • Cancer or tumor 
  • Inflammation of the outer ear 
  • Inflammation of the middle ear 
  • Physical trauma 
  • Drugs and toxins include antibiotics, antiseptics, chemotherapy drugs, medications to remove excess fluid from the body, and exposure to heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, or mercury.
  • Bacterial and fungal infections 
  • Mites infestation 

Do German Shepherds Have Good Senses?

Yes, German Shepherds have good senses, and they are ranked as one of the top breeds with great hearing and smelling senses. German Shepherds have greater senses than humans and can also sense human emotions like fear, anger, happiness, and sadness.

Why Do German Shepherd Ears Flop?

Ears flopping is usually common in German Shepherd puppies because, at their early ages, their ears are still soft, and the muscles and cartilages are not well developed.

This period is usually when they are also teething, and the ears start to stand when the puppies are around 5 months or 16 to 20 weeks of age when the ear cartilage and muscles become strong enough to stand erect.

German Shepherds’ ears might also flop when they are malnourished, sick, nervous, or scared. In this case, the ears will flatten and pin tight to the head.

Lastly, in some rare occasions, genetic abnormalities may cause a German Shepherd to have floppy or semi-pricked ears.

Can You Touch German Shepherd Ears?

Yes, you can touch a German Shepherd’s ears when it is strong and upright. Giving your German Shepherd’s ears a good scratch will bring it much pleasure.

Do German Shepherds Have Sensitive Ears?

Yes, German Shepherds have sensitive ears that perceive sounds at long distances.

A German Shepherd’s ears will also change positions to indicate different emotions. 

  • Pricked ears indicate alertness. 
  • Ears put to the back might indicate nervousness, submissiveness, or happiness. 
  • Ears tightly pinned back and held tight to the head indicate fear or anxiety and, sometimes, sickness.

Are German Shepherds Sensitive To Sound?

Yes, German Shepherds are sensitive to sound. They can pick up super high-pitched sounds and also very low ones. They are also highly susceptible to sound anxiety or sound phobia.

What Language Do German Shepherds Understand?

German Shepherds do not understand languages, and they understand words or sounds that are used to command them to behave in a certain manner.

A German Shepherd can understand more than 150 words as long as they are said to them regularly,

Can A German Shepherd Break An Ear?

Yes, A German Shepherd can break an ear, especially when it is still a puppy and the cartilage is not well developed. The ear cartilage can break due to the following reasons;

  • Injuries and trauma 
  • Infections
  • poor brooding systems 
  • Allergic reactions that lead to excessive scratching 
  • Malnutrition 
  • Poor ear-cleaning methods 
  • Parasite infestation caused by mites

Can A German Shepherd Sense Danger? 

Yes, A German Shepherd can sense danger. It will also communicate it by showing some irrational behavior like shaking, persistent barking, hiding under furniture, and being hyperactive.

Can German Shepherds Sense Fear?

Yes, German Shepherds can sense fear. They possess olfactory properties that can perceive human and other animals’ emotions through the scents and stress-related hormones they produce. 

The scents combined with body language like shaking, panicking, or stiffness can further help German Shepherds to sense fear.

Are German Shepherds Scared Of Loud Noises? 

Some German Shepherds are more scared of loud noises than others. This condition is also called sound anxiety or sound phobia. It is, however, natural behavior for German Shepherds to be scared of very loud noises like thunder, lightning, fireworks, and vacuum cleaners.

How Far Can A German Shepherd Smell Its Owner?

A German Shepherd knows and loves its owner’s scent and can perceive it when he or she is as far as 2 miles away.

How Strong Is A German Shepherd’s Sense Of Smell?

German shepherds have 225 million scent receptors, with their scent of smell around 10,000 to 100,000 greater than that of humans.

They can perceive scents over a mile away on land, 40 feet underground, and 80 feet in the water. They can also detect cancer cells in humans, follow trails up to a week old, and even detect the body of a drowned person in a water body of over 80 feet.

How Far Can German Shepherds Hear? Conclusion

German Shepherds possess strong sense organs, making them one of the top dog breeds. They are great guard and hunting dogs because of these powerful senses, which makes them very beneficial to humans.

German Shepherds can hear sounds as far as 100km from their position and those that are out of human hearing range. They are an exceptional breed that can differentiate between different types of sounds.

This article has provided you with everything you need to know about the German Shepherd’s great senses of hearing and smell, so make sure you read diligently.

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