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Why are German Shepherds So Dramatic?

German Shepherds are considered dramatic or reactive dogs as they are otherwise known. Despite being a strong and scary breed, they have a dramatic side to them, which is very much normal unless it becomes excessive or destructive.

Why are German Shepherds so dramatic? Read on to find out.

Why Are German Shepherds So Dramatic? | 5 Top Reasons

German shepherds are emotional and dramatic breeds that find it hard to contain their emotions. A German Shepherd will show dramatic behavior for the following reasons;

  • It wants attention
  • It is bored
  • It wants to cuddle or sleep next to you 
  • It wants a change of food
  • It wants more play time or exercise
  • It is in pain
  • It wants new toys and treats
  • Nervousness

However, the major reasons why a German Shepherd develops dramatic behaviors in response to their needs or feelings are as follows;

  • Little or no training
  • Socialization problems 
  • Anxiety 
  • Firm personality 

Little Or No Training 

A German Shepherd with inadequate or no training will act spoiled, throw excessive tantrums at even the slightest issue, and fail to obey your commands. 

Their hyper nature and cravings for excitement, attention, and exercise will make them dramatic if they do not get what they want when they want it. 

To control these unpleasant characteristics, there are corrective training methods that can be adopted.

Socialization problems

If your German Shepherd lacks socialization from a young age, it will make it nervous around other dogs and unfamiliar people, making it react in a very irrational manner. A German Shepherd with socialization problems will also find it hard to communicate its feelings properly.

However, you can avoid this by making sure you allow your German Shepherd to socialize well right from an early age.


German Shepherds are very prone to different types of anxiety- sound, car, and separation anxiety. This makes them exhibit some aggressive or nervous behaviors like excessive barking or whining and being destructive.

Firm personality

German Shepherds are strong-minded breeds and sometimes portray their desire to be independent. This makes them want to challenge you and become dramatic when you give them orders that do not align with their desires. 

Proper training can help to control this behavior. German Shepherds are easy to train so you can keep your mind at ease.

Are German Shepherds Dramatic Dogs? 

Yes, German Shepherds are dramatic dogs. Even though they look so intimidating, they are big babies that throw tantrums almost every time. 

German Shepherds are so dramatic and manipulative to the extent that they fake sickness, pains, and injuries just to get attention from their owners.

This dramatic behavior, when excessive, is usually tiring, which is why there is a need to control it. Some methods to adopt to stop a German Shepherd from being overdramatic are;

  • Ignore it
  • Do not punish it as that can make it aggressive 
  • Provide it with adequate training
  • Keep it busy by providing it with chew toys
  • Provide it with enough food and treats

Why Are German Shepherds So Whiny?

German Shepherds are so whiny because they are very vocal breeds that communicate their thoughts and feelings with different sounds. 

German Shepherds whine to express fear, sickness, excitement, their need for something, or they want to go outside to play because they usually can’t contain their emotions.

A German Shepherd’s whining is usually nothing to be worried about unless it becomes excessive and accompanied by loud barking. Get a veterinarian or professional trainer if it gets to this point.

Why Do German Shepherds Moo?

German Shepherds give groaning sounds to express happiness, frustration, pleasure, excitement, and relaxation. Also, it might be that they are seeking attention, being nervous, or in pain.

It is normal for your German Shepherd to make groaning sounds as it is usually a means for them to communicate their feelings. You only have to be worried if it is more excessive than normal.

Why Do People Like German Shepherds So Much?

People like German Shepherds because they are loyal, intelligent, courageous guard dogs. Some people also like German Shepherds because of their clingy nature, and this behavior usually prevents the owner from getting down with loneliness. This makes them a very special breed.

Do German Shepherds Usually Pick One Person?

Yes, German Shepherds usually pick one person to whom they are most loyal. This is usually the person that spends the most time with them and shows them a lot of love and affection. (Read more on why German Shepherds are so clingy)

Which Dog Breed Is Dramatic?

The most dramatic dog breed is the Chihuahua. Despite being the smallest, it always wants to be in charge.

What Rank Is A German Shepherd For Smart?

German Shepherds are ranked as the 3rd smartest or most intelligent dog breed. They are naturally herding breeds that are loyal, obedient, and easy to train.

Are German Shepherds Clingy Dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds are clingy dogs. They belong to the velcro dog breed because of their attention-seeking nature. They always want to be around their owners and follow them wherever they go.

Are German Shepherds Emotional Dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds are emotional dogs. They love to bond with their owners and are very expressive with their feelings.

Are German Shepherds High Anxiety Dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds are high-anxiety dogs, especially when they are at a very young age. German Shepherds suffer from three different types of anxiety. They are;

  • Separation Anxiety 
  • Car Anxiety 
  • Sound Anxiety 

Separation Anxiety

German Shepherds, especially puppies, easily suffer from separation anxiety when separated from their owner, even for a few hours. This is because they form a very great bond with their owner and can become depressed when their owner is away. 

This condition is usually characterized by drooling, making loud noises, being destructive, pacing, barking, and other unpleasant behaviors.

Car Anxiety 

Car anxiety or car sickness is a condition whereby a dog shows high levels of stress and discomfort when in a moving car. This condition is very common among German Shepherds. It is usually characterized by drooling, panting, shaking, aggressiveness, and wanting to escape from the car.

Sound Anxiety 

This is also called noise phobia, it is an intense and persistent fear of loud noises from fireworks, thunderstorms, and even vacuum cleaners. These noises make the dog panic and attempt to escape. German shepherds at any age are breeds that are usually sensitive to sounds.

Is the German Shepherd An Angry Dog?

A German Shepherd can be very aggressive when protecting its owner and family against harm since it is naturally a protective dog. However, you should make sure you manage this overprotective behavior to prevent your German Shepherd from becoming destructive.

Are German Shepherds Hyper Dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds are hyper dogs. They are high-energy, athletic breeds that need lots of exercises to burn out this excessive energy and create a healthy physical and mental health balance.

Insufficient exercise will make them so hyperactive or frustrated, leaving them no choice but to become destructive or engage in other undesirable activities.


Almost all the time, a German Shepherd’s dramatic behavior is normal and does not indicate any problems. However, if it gets too aggressive, you need to find out the cause and the ways to fix it.

Here in this article, we have given you an overview of the various causes and solutions to dramatic behaviors in German Shepherds.

German Shepherds are mostly obedient and easy to train, so you do not have to worry too much about controlling any over-dramatic behavior as it can be fixed easily.


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