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Can German Shepherds Eat Grapes?

As a German shepherd owner, you might want to feed your dog with fruits due to their nutritional benefits or just as treats for good behavior, but end up wondering if they won’t pose any health risks to your dog.

 Not all foods and fruits that are beneficial to man can indeed be consumed by dogs hence the need to give answers to the question ‘Can German Shepherds eat grapes?’

Can German Shepherds Eat Grapes?

No, German Shepherds and other dog breeds cannot eat grapes. This is because grapes of all types are toxic to dogs and can cause irritations to their digestive system and fatal issues like kidney failure and even death.

However, despite being known to be toxic to dogs, the reason for this toxicity has yet not been discovered by scientists and various speculations have been made on the use of pesticides and the activity of fungi. In any case, always make sure that your German shepherd does not have any access to grapes or any of its other variants, including foods that contain grapes.

How Do I Know if my German Shepherd has Grape Poisoning?

There are some signs and symptoms that can indicate that a German Shepherd is reacting to the toxic effects of consuming grapes, they include;

  • Vomiting which is usually the earliest symptom 
  • Lack of appetite and stillness
  • Lack of energy
  • Diarrhea 
  • Kidney failure which is accompanied by diarrhea, nausea, severe pain in the abdomen, excessive thirst, and urination
  • Kidney damage which is accompanied by no urine production, high blood pressure, seizures, coma 
  • Death

What Do I Do If My GSD Ate Grapes?

If you notice that your German shepherd has eaten grapes, the first thing you need to do is find ways to prevent or stop its absorption.

You can do this by inducing vomiting so that the toxins contained in the grapes won’t be absorbed into the intestines. If you do not know how to make your German shepherd vomit the ingested grapes, you can call your vet and ask for instructions. However, in any case, where your German shepherd might be sick or having respiratory problems, you will most likely be advised not to induce vomiting.

After your dog has vomited the grapes, you can then take it to the vet for further treatments as the vomiting is just a first aid to prevent the situation from getting worse.

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Can Grapes Kill German Shepherds?

Yes, eating grapes can lead to the death of a German Shepherd. This is because of the high toxicity levels which can lead to kidney failure damage and eventually death. The exact amount of grapes that causes toxicity is not known so make sure that your dog doesn’t have even a single bite of grape.


Of all the fruits that can be fed to German Shepherds and other dog breeds, grapes remain one of the most toxic and they should never be fed even in the littlest amounts. 

When a German shepherd eats grapes, it falls at the risk of serious damage to its digestive system and kidneys and eventually death if it doesn’t get treatments as soon as possible.


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