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Can a German Shepherd Kill a Wolf?

If you reside in a wolf-populated area, you will likely encounter more wolves; occasionally, you might even see them come quite close to your yard. Although wolves typically hunt in packs, they do so rarely. 

You might question who would prevail in a battle if a hungry lone wolf approached your property to hunt or if your dog was walking by himself and came across a wolf hence the question: Can a wolf be killed by a German shepherd?

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Wolf?

A German Shepherd is not capable of killing a wolf however it may still be able to kill a pitbull. As wolves are significantly larger, have powerful jaws with a much stronger bite force, and sharp teeth.

GSDs can be easily killed by a hungry lone wolf who has become separated from its group. A large wolf can attack with more than 1,200 PSI when defending itself, compared to the GSD’s 238 PSI. Some wolf species are also much larger and have strong, long legs, and bodies made for endurance. They possess intelligence and have a top speed of 40 mph when pursuing prey.

Can a German Shepherd Defeat a Wolf in a Fight?

A German Shepherd cannot defeat a wolf in a battle, and in the event of a wolf assault, it would either die or sustain severe injuries.

German Shepherds are extremely strong, but they lack the physical attributes needed to resist wolf bites or reliably make wolves back off. Depending on whether the wolf is biting to defend itself or for another cause, the bite force of wolves can range from 400 psi to 1,200 psi.

With unfamiliar people and animals, a German Shepherd can be unfriendly and confrontational, but with proper obedience training from an early age, they are less likely to attack unless annoyed. Despite the fact that they do not prey on dogs, wolves are very aggressive and likely to attack any other animals they perceive to be invading their space or vying for a food supply.

Any dog owner should be aware of the risk factors for wolf attacks and how to protect themselves since wolves can easily kill a dog in a battle, whether it is a pet or a hunting dog.

What Favors the Wolf Over the German Shepherd?

Apart from being a wild animal, the wolf possesses some structural features that gives it an edge over the German Shepherd. These features include;

  • Weight
  • Height 
  • Running speed
  • Bite force 
  • Hunting abilities 

Weight and Height

The average German Shepherd weighs 60 to 90 pounds and measures 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder. A wolf, which can weigh between 80 and 180 pounds and measure 26 to 33 inches tall at the shoulder, is much bigger than this. These two animals’ sizes vary significantly and go beyond a few inches or pounds.

Running speed

The German Shepherd has a running speed of 30 mph, compared to that of the wolf which is usually around 30-40 mph. Definitely, a wolf can easily chase and attack a German Shepherd that it perceives to be a prey.

Bite force 

Wolves have a bite force of up to 1200 PSI, while GSD can only grab as hard as 238 PSI. In light of this, a wolf will definitely cause more bodily injuries to the German Shepherd which has a lower bite force.

Hunting Drive 

Although some German Shepherd Dogs have a strong prey drive and a propensity to pursue small animals out of instinct, they were not bred to be hunting dogs. But if you feed them, it probably won’t harm them. GSDs can consume both meat and other human foods like grains, veggies, and fruit.

However, wolves typically hunt in packs, which enables them to work together and take down much bigger prey. They do occasionally launch solo attacks. Because they are carnivores, wolves will consume any prey they can find in the woods.


Making sure your German Shepherd stays clear of Wolves should be your priority as a dog owner. If you live or you’re camping in an area where there is a high population of wolves, make sure your German Shepherd is always close to your home and not wandering off. This will help you keep it and yourself safe from any encounter with wolves that might cause injuries or death.


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