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Can a German Shepherd Kill a Pitbull? Yes or No?

Is the German Shepherd fiercer than the Pitbull?

It’s crucial to understand whether German Shepherds and Pitbulls get along in order to keep both of your pets safe if you’re considering getting both as pets. Safety is crucial for all dog breeds and dog owners, and knowing which dog breeds can’t tolerate each other is a big step in that direction. 

Both Pitbulls and German Shepherds have reputations for having violent temperaments. As a result, one might worry about the possibility of a German Shepard killing a Pitbull.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Pitbull?

A German Shepherd is capable of killing a Pitbull. However, most canine breeds have the ability to murder one another. However, German Shepherds are more likely to be killed by Pitbulls than Pitbulls by German Shepherds. It would be uncommon for either dog to carry out a fatal assault, which is frequently a sign of improper socialization and training. 

Pitbulls and German Shepherds are not genetically programmed to be aggressive toward other canine breeds or each other. They are both regarded as devoted household dogs that need extra training beginning at a young age.

Although for distinct causes, both dogs are regarded as aggressive dogs. There is a propensity for aggressive behavior to happen whenever two innately aggressive dogs are close to one another. Although it’s possible, a battle might not end fatally. To help prevent this tragedy from happening, it is necessary to have a greater understanding of both dog breeds.

When Can a German Shepherd Kill a Pitbull?

Pitbulls can be killed by German Shepherds. Pitbulls are strong and muscular, but the GSD tends to be larger, stronger, and smarter. Given the similarity in the strength of their bites and the fact that both dogs shoot for the throat, GSDs have more protection around their necks than Pitbulls do thanks to their thick double fur. 

There are many factors to consider, without overly preferring the German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is a devoted dog who will go to great lengths to defend his family. However, given its original breeding purpose, the Pitbull might prevail if it manages to catch the GSD off guard and pounces first.

What Favors the German Shepherd over the Pitbull?

Generally speaking, German Shepherds, like many other canines, may attack if they feel threatened, either physically or in their personal space. There is a greater chance that a German Shepherd may be prepared to fight if a Pitbull is nearby and the Pitbull is acting aggressively or invading the German Shepherd’s space. 

A German Shepherd has several advantages over a pit bull in a hypothetical battle. Let’s look at them right away.

  • Bigger size
  • Heavier weight 
  • More powerful bite force
  • Thicker neck fur

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Bigger Size

German Shepherds are just slightly bigger than Pitbulls, and size is a major factor in any canine fight. Of course, there are tiny German Shepherds and huge Pitbulls, so sizes vary. However, because they are bigger than Pitbulls, German Shepherds typically have the upper hand. 

Heavier weight 

Along with being bigger, German Shepherds weigh more than Pitbulls. As a result, they acquire yet another advantage. In a fight between two dogs, weight is just as crucial as height.

More Powerful Bite Force

The GSD can bite with more energy. A German Shepherd can attack harder than the majority of Pitbulls. Dog bite power is measured in PSI, and a pitbull’s bite force is 236 PSI while a German Shepherd’s bite force is 240 PSI. Since the difference is so slight, a larger pitbull may have a stronger bite power than a frail German Shepherd. They possess more fur.

Thicker Neck Fur

Additionally, German Shepherds have thicker neck hair. On the other hand, the hair of the pitbull is sparse. A German Shepherd’s fur around its neck can serve as a barrier of defense, stopping the pit bull from biting the dog.

How To Determine If Your German Shepherd is About to Attack 

In order to identify whether a German Shepherd is attentive, suggesting an attack may be forthcoming, we have listed a few things to watch out for: 

  • Dedicated gaze 
  • A back covered in raised hair 
  • Rigid skeleton 
  • Teeth-barking and howling 

Withdraw your German Shepherd from the location if you own one to prevent the situation from getting worse. Additionally, if you own a pitbull, steer it fast and carefully out of incoming trouble. Avoid running or creating any movements that might give a sign to the herding German Shepherd to pursue.

When can a Pitbull Kill a German Shepherd?

Although German Shepherds may be larger, or heavier weight and with higher possibility to overwhelm a Pitbull in a battle, this does not assure that they will prevail in every encounter. 

A Pitbull has a decent possibility of winning against the German Shepherd simply if the Pitbull or both dogs have been trained to fight. This is because German Shepherds have always been known to be herding dogs and are naturally not used for combat purposes, whereas Pitbulls were originally bred for hunting and combat.


If you’re thinking about getting both dog breeds or if you just want to make sure your dog is secure, finding out if a German Shepherd can kill a Pitbull is crucial. Yes, both Pitbulls and German Shepherds have the potential to harm each other. But as we’ve mentioned, if the dogs are correctly socialized and trained, it’s unlikely to happen. 

Both of these well-liked household dogs can be rewarding to own. The majority of the time, the dogs can coexist with one another without fighting with little instruction and careful attention to boundary-setting.


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