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Can German Shepherds Swim?

It’s summertime and all you want to do is get a nice swim but you’re wondering whether your German Shepherd can also enjoy this refreshing activity. Well, the good news is that we have all the information you need in this article. Can German Shepherds swim? Keep reading to find out!

Can German Shepherds Swim?

Yes is the clear-cut response. German Shepherds are capable swimmers; in fact, swimming is considered one of the finest sports for your dog. If coached adequately, German Shepherds can swim quite well.

They have all the bodily characteristics essential to come to be outstanding swimmers, despite not having been developed expressly to swim in the water. They have an advantage during their swimming lessons because of their inherent vitality, muscular build, and agility.

We can generally agree that German Shepherds are remarkable swimmers although all dogs have unique individual interests. Some German Shepherds will enjoy swimming while others may see it as an activity not worth engaging in.

Do German Shepherds Like to Swim?

Swimming is the ideal example of an activity that German Shepherds enjoy because it is a very good source of exercise as it requires a lot of their energy and effort.

Although many German Shepherds take pleasure in swimming and playing in the water, this does not insinuate that all German Shepherds like swimming as some do not enjoy it and might be too scared to engage in it.

However, even though not all German Shepherds like the water as much as other dogs or GSDs, if you introduce swimming to your German Shepherd in the right way and at an early stage, there is a high certainty that it will enjoy swimming and other water activities.

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Why Does My German Shepherd Hate Swimming?

The following are a few reasons why your German Shepherd dislikes swimming:

  • Trauma
  • Inadequate exposure
  • Unfamiliar surroundings
  • They dislike not having control over things.
  • For some German Shepherds, swimming is distressing.

Are German Shepherds Natural Swimmers?

As we’ve already mentioned, all German Shepherds are distinctive.  Even if a certain German Shepherd is not a strong swimmer or doesn’t enjoy water activities, we are confident that he will be able to swim in the water after a few swimming lessons.

In comparison to other dog breeds, German Shepherds have a number of significant advantages in water activities, including:

  • Strong legs
  • Double coat
  • Long snout
  • Webbed feet

Strong Legs

 German Shepherds can swim more quickly in the water than most dog breeds because of their long, muscular, and strong legs.

Double Coat

German Shepherds will maintain warmth for a longer period of time because of their double coat. 

Long Snout

Breathing while swimming can be difficult, and dogs need to breathe properly to maintain a normal heartbeat and maintain concentration while swimming. Fortunately, German Shepherds have long snouts, so swimming won’t be as difficult for them to breathe.

Webbed Feet

 A German shepherd has naturally webbed feet, albeit not to the same extent as a frog. They can travel through the water much more easily as a result.


German Shepherds weren’t developed with swimming and other water sports in mind. They excel at many different tasks, including herding, tracking, protection, helping, and military activity. However, because they are brave and muscular dogs by nature, they are more likely to enjoy the water and develop into strong swimmers.


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